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    Product Details:

    1. Overview of Hopper Lift Concrete Batching Plant

    Hopper lift concrete batching plant belongs to compulsory and efficiency equipment, it can produce various kinds of concrete including quaking concrete and hard concrete, with high produce efficiency, it is widely used medium scale building works, road and bridge works and concrete products prefabrication plants, and is an ideal equipment to produce commercial used concrete.

    The main machine of this series use JS series double shaft compulsory mixer, it can mix concrete evenly, with a short period of mixing, long time wearing parts, it can be operated and maintained conveniently, it used control technology with newest deign concept, for example: electric weighing, computer control, digital display, etc. Electric weighing has been equipped with buffer device and auto compensation function and the measure precision is high.

    The sand and stone feeding system use flat belt or herringbone belt, and equipped with maintenance sidewalk, it is the ideal selection for the construction units to produce high quality concrete.

    2. Main Features of Hopper Lift Concrete Batching Plant

    2.1 Our machine with the best quality and the lowest price.

    2.2 The plant is widely used in many field.

    2.3 Concrete batching machine contain concrete batching equipment, material supply, batching system ,electric weighing, steel structure, and computer control.

    2.4 It is ideal equipment for building project, building ground and precast product factory.

    2.5 The machine adopts JS concrete mixer, it has good mixing quality and high efficiency.

    2.6 The batching machine adopts PLD series, it is measuring nicety and high produce efficiency. The cement is store in cement silo and feeding by screw conveyor. The water supply system is composed by water tank, water pump and water wager.

    2.7 The whole batching machine and mixing course is automatism by electrical control system(it also can be controlled by hand).

    2.8 The structure is easy and simple to install and debug .It is adopts advanced system and imports component with high dependability.



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